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Sheet music: works composed by Charles Turner

I am a Boston-area composer and performer. As a composer I consider myself part of the mainstream 'classical music' tradition, though I have written musical theater, electronic and experimental works and have played jazz and experimental music. My major project is a series of chamber operas, but I am always working on many things at once.

I am trained as a bass-baritone and perform with choral groups in Boston and New Hampshire. I also play shakuhachi and doublebass and have conducted a number of choral and instrumental groups.

I post recordings of some of my pieces here: My SoundCloud page

  • White Potatoes
  • Acoustic guitar, Classical guitar
  • 5.00 USD

Triad sings my new choral piece "Sing Child"

01.11.2016 News

A new piece that I wrote for Triad: Boston's Choral Collective will premiere on November 19 and 20. "Sing Child" will be the opening work in this concert, titled 'Music for a Lifetime'.  The text is made up of single words or short phrases that evoke a sensation or activity in the life of a child, and the music evokes the hazy, suspended quality that I remember about my own childhood. I think the effect is a bit like Terry Riley's "In C" or perhaps some of the music of Ligeti that involves tone ...

A performance by Musica Sacra of Cambridge, Massachusetts

10.12.2014 News

My choral piece 'Nowell' will be performed on Saturday, December 13 by Musica Sacra, Mary Beekman, director. This is their second performance of the piece, and last time (a few years ago) it was wonderful - the choir is full of young, energetic singers, and their enthusiasm was great to see and hear. For more information on the concert, follow this link:  Musica Sacra Dec 13 concert info .

The 9th Ear performances, with premieres of my work

09.06.2014 News

My composer's group, The 9th Ear , had its second concert as part of the Nave Concert Series in Somerville, Massachusetts on June 6, and at Holy Trinity United Methodist Church in Danvers, Massachusetts on June 7. Several of my pieces received their premieres:  Flute Dances , for flute and drum; Tala Pieces , for solo clarinet; The Extraterrestrial Duets , for viola and alto saxophone; Four Emily Dickinson Songs , for voice and piano; The White Pilgrim , a ballad for voice and piano.

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