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Toy piano festival at Mobius, Boston, May 11-13, 2012

16.05.2012 Notícias

We had a really lovely mini-festival of toy piano works last weekend, and I am grateful to all of the performers who played my pieces: Katelyn Clark, Matt Samolis, Junko Fujiwara, Jacob Mashak and Yuka Hamano Hunt. Jane Wang produced the event at Mobius in Cambridge, MA, and she contributed a lively and amusing piece for Junko and Steve Norton. Jacob, Matt and Steve also composed excellent works for the festival.  It was great to work with the performers and to meet some of the other composers - Matthew McConnell, Lou Bunk and Keith Kirchoff.  The Sunday performance was devoted to 'Music for Amplified Toy Pianos' by John Cage - we performed it 10 times, using different combinations of performers and different durations. Jacob was our conductor/time keeper/human clock.

The performances may become available in video; if so I will post a link.


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